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I’m perfectly sure, that everybody knows this event. The information about the history of this holiday you can find in the internet. I’d better tell you about the original outfit, that is associated with Oktoberfest. Telling the name of this holiday, lots of people imagine a beautiful, specially dressed girl, bringing many glasses of beer 🙂 The girl must be very strong, as the volume of each glass is 1 liter!


National German Dresses and Oktoberfest

These dresses really make your figure look more beautiful and sexy, even wenn the dress is rather long.


There are so many different variations:


Let’s talk about details. It’s not only the dress, that is called Dirndl, by the way. Traditionally it consists of several things: blouse (black or white):

underskirt (mainly black or white, but can be of others colors it’s length depends on the length of the dress)

this is the Dirndl itself with various aprons:

apron you can buy separately, as there is a huge amount of variations:

You have to tie the bow on apron in a right way, as it tells others about your family status. The bow on the left shows that that you are free, the bow on the right shows that you have a husband, a boyfriend or you are engaged.

National German Costume Dirndl – My Experience

All these beautiful things can be found in a special shop of national Bavarian clothes. All parts of the outfit are collected together as a puzzle. So, you have a great opportunity to create your own unique costume.
Trying on some of these dressed, I saw the magic they make 🙂 I chose one in colors of Bavarian flag. I liked it from the first sight.


As this Fest takes time in autumn and Germany is definately not a tropical country, the weather is changeable. So, you have to think about some warm clothes beforehand 🙂  When the sun goes behind the clouds, you will need them. There are many pretty warm Bavarian jackets, but I found one suitable in my wardrobe 🙂 This is it:


When a strong wind started to blow, I felt more comfortable wearing this white jacket. Also I found myself near sweet cakes – they are so bright and attractive!


If you want you can add accessory:


National German Costume for Men

It’s an interesting fact that the tradition of wearing national costume exists only in the Free State of Bavaria. Native inhabitants wear them on differentnoccasions. I would like to tell a little about the costume for men. It calls Trakhten. It consists of: leather trousers (the length can be diferent), a shirt, boots, spats and a hat.

For more daring girls there is a variant to wear a modern alternative to the traditional dress – a men-like suit. It looks very beautiful too. So, you have various ways to feel like a real Bavarian 🙂


Of course, I share with you photos from the scene, showing joyful atmosphere of these unique festival:






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