Orange sun

оранжевое солнце-надоел цвет марсала-марсала-осенний образ-фешн блог-что одеть-осенний тренд 2015

Оrange sky, orange mother, оrange me!!! 🙂

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I’m not crazy, I’ve just remembered words from a funny russian song for children, looking at my photos. Yes, I know, the most fashionable color of the season is marsala. The name of this color sounds not pleasant for me (inspite the fact that it originats from the name of the wine). Yes, I love fashion, but following all tendencies is to loose your personality. And this is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

trend - beautiful look - fashion - autumn 2015 - marsala - orange - orange sun

This autumn I love orange color – maybe it’s a reaction on marsala 🙂

солнечный день-мода-стиль-блог о моде-модный блогер-осенний образ

I adore this short dress for its print (it fits with many things) and for it’s natural material. For me it’s definitely my autumn dress. When I look at it, I imagine me walking down the street, with lots of fallen leaves, I feel this specific autumn smell and dreaming about something far-far away 🙂солнечный день-мода-стиль-блог о моде-модный блогер-осенний образ-девушка

About the other parts of these oufit: of course, it’s my favourite black leather jacket, leggins (to be warm and comfortable) and wonderful optimistic orange scarf. Sometimes I feel like staying at home, but looking at this scarf my feelings change 🙂

мода-модный-стиль-стильный-фешн блоггер-фешн блог-осеньThe whole look was created from these details like a puzzle 🙂

trend-beautiful look-fashion-autumn 2015-marsala-orangeWish you quick and right decisions! See you!

P.S. Fashion Police didn’t arrest me, so it’s allowed to go outside not wearing marsala 🙂 🙂


Bag – H&M

Boots – Zara

Jacket – Zolla

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