What to choose?

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It was weekend time. I didn’t want to think much about my outfit and I my choise were the  black-orange-khaki colors.

wardrobe-what to wear-to be stylish-что выбрать?-что одеть?-оранж-хаки-гардероб

Some of thеse clothes appeared in the previous post, some appear in this post. That day I was wearing my favourite black leather jacket (I have many looks with it) and a nice skirt.

skirt - black leather jacket, orange bag, autumn look, girl, colorful skirt, orange scarf

The skirt is perfect for various combinations, as it is so colorful. I have three variants of this look and I don’t know which one to choose. Can you help me?

So, the first variant:

мода-стиль-фешн блоггер-хаки-юбка-что выбрать

And the second:

что одеть?-фото модного блоггера-стильный образ-что носить осенью

My husband didn’t notice any distinguish between the first and the second variants. 🙂 It shows how differently men and women see this world. This collage is made to see all three variants clearly:

мода осенью-тренд осень-зима 2015

I’m waiting for your comments, please write what look is your favourite!

Have a nice week!!

мода-стиль-блог-fashion blog


Boots (both) – Zara

Watch (both) – Swatch

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