What to wear for the New Year’s celebration?

dress for the new year celebration

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What animal is the symbol of the 2016 year according to the Chinese Zodiac Calender? I asked myself. With the help of internet I found out, that it will be the year of Monkey. Not usual Monkey, it’s the red fire Monkey. I’m even a little bit scared 🙂 From the forecast, it’s clear that the coming year will be full of changes. But there is another one question that interested me – what is right to wear for the New Year’s Night? Because I want to meet the Monkey in a proper way and hope, it’ll bring me good luck.

в чем встречать 2016 год

So, what should we wear for the New Year’s Night?

The answer is logical – wear something red. As an alternative – gold or orange color. All fire colors are good. Once I tried to follow all recommendations about the new year’s outfit, accessory, dinner and others and the year was really sucсessful for me. Since then, I beleive in these signs. So, this year I’m going to follow my new tradition, too. I decided to try on a red dress now, for some cheerfulness and good mood. Also it’s nicer to dream about the winter holidays wearing a beautiful dress 🙂

платье для встречи нового года

All photos were taken with the cellphone, as the battery in my camera traitorously became leer after the first photo. And when I take photos with my cellphone, I usually make selfie 😉

что одеть 31 декабря

Now it’s time to choose the right dress and accessory for the New Year’s Party. So, start thinking about your outfit right now 🙂

длинное красное платье

I hope that my photos will inspire you!

red dress for the new year celebration

Please, don’t forget to buy little statuettes of monkeys and give them to your relatives and friends – because monkey is the symbol of the coming year. I wonder, how it will come into our houses – maybe like this? :):)

2016 year of red monkey

Stay always in a good mood! And don’t forget to dream!

красное платье-новый год

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