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To be exact, hello from the South Tirol. It’s a part of Italy, but 70 % of the people living there speak german, because this area used to belong to Austria. So, it’s a very complicated history 🙂

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This area is wonderfully beautiful! For me personally, Europe is charming: these narrow streets, huge stone castles, old buildings and churches – everything reminds middle ages. Sometimes it’s even difficult to understand what century is it now, and only your ringing mobile phone returns you to the reality…

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It seems to me that I was walking along these streets just an hour ago, but my vacation is over and I’m at home…

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It was the end of February, but the photos are really sunny and bright. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t warm, the wind was very strong and cold. Wearing warm jacket, hat, boots was just Ok. Collecting the things for this vacation, I imagined myself wandering in a middle age town, wearing a long beautiful dress. But then I understood that my luggage was overweight. So, my descicion was to take only sport clothes with me. And there was some place left only for this blue skirt 🙂 In the pink jacket I was snowboarding, the boots are for walking in snowy mountains. Winter vacation is so – your luggage is full of sport and warm clothes and there’s absolutely no place for dresses and heels 🙂 But I’ll try to take them with me the next year 🙂


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It was a small “cave” on our way to the restaurant. We wanted to eat some pizza und pasta, as we were in Italy. The plate says: “Enjoy every moment of your life, as turning back the clock is impossible”. A very good saying to think about during eating the italian spaghetti 🙂 🙂


We came to South Tirol for snowboarding, so we didn’t have much time for sightseeing. We had only this small excursion for a half-day. And these are some photos of the sight around the hotel:

природа - горы

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Have a nice week! And pleasant memories about your last vacation! 🙂  See you!

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Jacket – Zara

Leggins – New Look

Boots – Onitsuka Tiger

Backpack – Accessorise

March is a month when winter is still here and spring has already come. So, there are usually fights between them. 🙂 It can be sunny, snowy, rainy, warm and cold during only one day! I would like sping to stay with us. 🙂 And you?

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I have made this look with the pink topshop coat, I used to wear before – the looks are here: Spring is in the air and here: It’s snowing!

But this time the coat has another company: blue leggins, hat and gloves with shining accessory. I really couldn’t imagine that the colors of my outfit are so similar to the colors of the clouds in the sky! I noticed that later, watching my photos 🙂 Being outside I noticed only how beautiful was the sky. That evening was really charming!!

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Have a great friday time, be in harmony and have lots of nice fitting colors in your life!! 🙂

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See you! Please, don’t forget to share this post and comment!! Bye!! 🙂

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