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March is a month when winter is still here and spring has already come. So, there are usually fights between them. 🙂 It can be sunny, snowy, rainy, warm and cold during only one day! I would like sping to stay with us. 🙂 And you?

что модно - розовое пальто - топшоп - что носить весной - тренды 2016 - фешн блоггеры

пейзаж - красивое небо - розовые облака

sunny day - march - topshop coat - pink coat - fashion blogger - spring look - look of the day

I have made this look with the pink topshop coat, I used to wear before — the looks are here: Spring is in the air and here: It’s snowing!

But this time the coat has another company: blue leggins, hat and gloves with shining accessory. I really couldn’t imagine that the colors of my outfit are so similar to the colors of the clouds in the sky! I noticed that later, watching my photos 🙂 Being outside I noticed only how beautiful was the sky. That evening was really charming!!

sunny day - march - topshop coat - pink coat - fashion blogger - spring look - look of the day

март - что носить весной - что надеть - как красиво одеться - розовое пальто

ботинки на снегу - блог о моде для девушек

Have a great friday time, be in harmony and have lots of nice fitting colors in your life!! 🙂

модный блоггер - лук дня - что модно - как одеться модно и стильно - блог о моде и стиле

movement photo - cool photo - great shoot - beautiful fashion shoots

See you! Please, don’t forget to share this post and comment!! Bye!! 🙂

тренды 2016 - модные русские блоггеры - фешн блоггеры рунета - что модно - что носить весной

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