Hello everyone! Мy name is Maria and I’m the author of this Fashion Blog. For a very long time I have dreamed to become a fashion blogger and now I am!  🙂

как стильно одеться в скандинавском стиле осень - как стильно одеться девушке скандинавский стиль - цвета в одежде скандинавский стиль фото

At my site you can find charm in surrounding world and at first in yourself. I think that every person is beautiful and fascinating. That’s why the phrase “Beauty will save the world” is so popular. And of course it’s not only about the person’s appearance.

I’m perfectly sure, that beauty, fashion, style, beautiful looks are available for everybody nowadays. Fashion is not only something crazy. To be fashionable you mustn’t go on snow wearing sandals or a have parrot on your head 🙂 There are lots of adequate and acceptable ways to be stylish that you can find in my Blog.

The looks from the pages of my Fashion Blog can be repeated, worn with pleasure, as they were checked and approved 🙂 Wearing some crazy outfits or the things that are not suitable for the weather, looks beautifully only at photos. Don’t harm your health. Craziness is good only in tiny doses. My looks are made for real life, for everyday life or for some holidays.

I have great passion to share with you, my dear readers, my inspiration, my vision of this world and fashion. I’m so glad that I have you! Please, write comments, subscribe, I answer everyone! Don’t hesitate to write me, ask questions or comment under the posts!

You are welcome!